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Rancho Mirage has a variety of restaurants, and this list includes the best restaurants in the area, whether your boo has been together for years or months, or whether Tinder has typed just right. Get an early meal or brunch to get your day off to a good start in this Coachella Valley town 15 minutes east of Palm Springs. Two unique programs at Ranche Mirage could offer other cities a glimpse into how to help struggling restaurants survive a coronavirus pandemic.

The restaurant also offers an extensive menu of seafood, including shrimp cocktails, shrimps and grits, oysters, crab cakes and a variety of seafood.

The pre-prepared menu includes a variety of starters, salads, sandwiches, side dishes and desserts, as well as a selection of desserts. The menu includes 2 egg combinations, served with a selection of cheeses, allspice cheese, bacon, ham, cheese and cheese sauce. For dessert, there is grilled prime filet and jumbo prawns, coffee - shellfish fillet, maple - fragrant butternut squash and a sweet and sour cream cheesecake.

For dinner, I ordered the Sonoran Spiced Chicken Bowl, which came with charred corn and a side of chicken breast with sweet and sour cream sauce. To this day, we are impressed by the quality of the food and the variety of menus and the choice of desserts.

In addition to the regular breakfast menu, they also offer a full bar, including Bloody Marys and Mimosa. Si Bon's is known for its signature steakhouse experience, a place to be found at Albertson's in the center of the Monterey Country Club. An evening menu that highlights the bistro's best culinary adventures includes many portions of hearty classics. They also have a wide selection of side dishes, such as chicken and pork chops, served with a heaped spoon full of gravy. For a steak house experience that doesn't break the bank, stop by to enjoy one of the steaks that are typical of them, such as the Steak House Steaks or Steak and Sovy, or for a more informal, informal dinner, visit the Steakhouse menu.

Rancho Mirage's Best Restaurants recommends Fleming's Prime Steakhouse, which offers a wide selection of quality cuts of USDA beef, perfectly cooked and served with crisp salads and decadent side dishes. This classic restaurant serves a variety of steaks, such as Dover imported sole and steakhouse steak, as well as a bar serving cocktails and glass cocktails in 100 different variations.

Note: San Manuel does not offer full service food for the time being, but orders have not yet been received. To make your date feel special, reserve a seat in the open kitchen with a view where you can watch the chefs prepare your meal. Inspired by appetizers, tempting cocktails and a lively dining room with a unique exhibition kitchen.

The Yard House is located on the river in Rancho Mirage and offers a huge menu that is completely recooked in the kitchen. Order one of the in-house beers to go with your meal, or a selection of starters, salads, sandwiches and more.

The staff has been here for over a decade, as have the guests who have been dining here since the Reagan years. The restaurant offers a Rancho Mirage feel with an old school Rancho feel, but with a modern look and feel.

The city's impressive culinary scene is a huge gift from the universe, and Babe's Bar - B - Que and Brewhouse offers some of the best barbecues in the desert. Babebe is a Western themed restaurant with a focus on good barbecue and good beer. Rancho Mirage Best Restaurants recommends that Wally's Desert Turtle is one of the most awarded restaurants in this desert. On the other side of the galaxy, the restaurant has a reputation for being the best in the world, but at Rancho Mirage, it's just from another world.

The popular chain's menu features Jamaican dishes, and Roy's standards are complemented by dishes created by the local chef. Pinzimini's opened in 2012 and serves some of the best seafood in the area, led by Chef - owner and Rancho Mirage Best Restaurants Best Chef. The place has a wide selection of seafood as well as a wide selection of other dishes, such as shrimp and grains.

Shame Moon, which has served memorable food for over 30 years, is a true testament to fine dining. Lulu's has been awarded several annual prizes for the best in-dining, including the best brunches at the open table in America.

Shame Moon, which offers gourmet comfort in an intimate, upscale setting, is recommended by Rancho Mirage Best Restaurants. Pinzimini's - Ranche Mirage's Best Restaurant recommends PinzIMini a great Tuscan-inspired cuisine that blends with an upscale, intimate setting.

Rancho Mirage Best Restaurants recommends Kobe Japanese Steak House, a teppanyaki-style Japanese restaurant where chefs and entertainment compete.

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